Complaints Requirements to BPSK

Complaints Requirements to BPSK

Every consumer who feels aggrieved by the producer has the right to submit his case to BPSK. This is because BPSK was indeed formed to protect consumer rights. The solution that can be taken varies, depending on the process agreed by both parties. When choosing to report your dispute case to BPSK, you can choose the path of conciliation, mediation or arbitration. To better understand what complaints requirements to BPSK are, you can see the explanation below.


  • Every consumer who feels aggrieved can submit a dispute resolution application, both in writing and verbally, through the BPSK secretariat. There are no special conditions regarding the type or form of violation that can be reported. As long as consumers feel disadvantaged and have evidence, the case can be resolved through BPSK. BPSK is an institution that can be relied upon when there is a problem about the violation of the agreement between consumers and producers that cannot be resolved.


  • If consumers in conditions such as illness or old age, have not fulfilled the specified age, foreign citizens, or have even died, the dispute resolution proposal can be submitted by the heirs. Consumers can be represented by descendants or people who can be trusted with the provision that they must attach personal data. If the consumer is sick so that he cannot report his case, then he must attach a letter from the doctor.


  • Requests for the settlement that submitted in writing will be given proof of redundancy. Some of the things that must be attached to the written report are the names and addresses of consumers; full name and address of the manufacturer; goods or services complained of; proof of acquisition such as bills, invoices, receipts and other proof documents; the description of the place, time and date of the goods or services obtained; witnesses; photographs if any.


  • Files that have been registered, both written and unwritten, are filed by the BPSK secretariat and given a date and registration number. Requests that submitted verbally must be recorded by the BPSK secretariat in a predetermined format and must be signed by the reporter or their heir.


  • The Head of BPSK has the right to reject a dispute resolution application if the request is not in accordance with the above provisions, or if the claim is not the authority of BPSK. It should be understood that BPSK resolves the issue of disputes through deliberation so that if consumers expect prison sanctions for producers, they should immediately report the case to the police.


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Those are some complaints requirements to BPSK you should know. When you choose to resolve your case through BPSK, it has several advantages, included fast process and low cost. To register a case to BPSK, you will not be charged. Also, the case will be settled within 21 days.


If you or your opponent feel dissatisfied, you can also submit it to the district court. Settlement of disputes through BPSK usually chosen because the parties to the dispute are reluctant to resolve the issue through the courts that tend to require a long and expensive process.


Complaints Requirements to BPSK

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