Convenience in Establishing a Business with an OSS System

Convenience in Establishing a Business with an OSS System

The synchronization between OSS system and SABH Menkumham is a further way in implementing technology-based convenience in business.

To ease people in doing business, the Indonesian administration creates a significant breakthrough taking full advantage the brand-new technology. Have you ever heard OSS (Online Single Submission)? This recently popular term basically refers to convenience in acquiring a business license with the involvement of digital technology. Many efforts have been taken to satisfy business people, including the synchronization between OSS system and SABH Menkumham (Legal Entity Administration System issued by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights).



Get the Benefits of OSS System

Some of you might not be familiar with this recently developed system offered by the government of Indonesia. To let you get some enlightenment, it’s vital that you know an assortment of benefits from the OSS system. It literally is efficient and effective especially to those who don’t have much time submitting some documents in a conventional way. With this, people will enjoy some ease. Don’t you know that the main reason why this system is released is to eliminate the lengthy bureaucratic procedure?



The Mechanism of OSS System You Need to Know

The mechanism of the OSS system is truly easy to follow. The early thing you need to do is nothing else but to register your business. Ensure that you submit the essential data and information of yours. Whilst doing the submission, the profile of your future company should be clear and has valid information. When the first step is successfully done, you will acquire a business identification number. In Bahasa, the term is commonly known as Nomor Induk Berusaha OR NIB.


Speaking of NIB, you need to understand that the number remains active as long as your business activities are in line with the general law applicable in the country. Some of you might not realize that this type of thing highly matters; thus the business owners should not break the prevailing regulation. What about if a business is no longer on the go? Without question, the NIB is not in the validity shape.  A range of commitments are required to be fulfilled when your business identification number successfully releases.


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Some Functions of Online Single Submission

It turns out the online single submission or OSS doesn’t only serve as a business identification number but it’s more than what people think. The number becomes an investment registration (in Bahasa, it’s called pendaftaran penamanan modal). This type of number is arguably the identity of your company since it serves as a certificate of company registration better recognized as TDP (Tanda Daftar Perusahaan).


When it comes to importing some products, the number has a role as API (Angka Pengenal Importir) or an importer identification number. Some of you might wonder whether the previous traditional submission is prevailing or not. Regardless of the current state of regulation highlighting the use of technology, your business license remains valid. In consequence, there is nothing to let you feel that worried.


Long story short, there is a major improvement that the Indonesian administration performs – the true evidence is how the online single submission is issued, easing plenty of business people. Currently, the government keeps making betterment by doing synchronization between OSS system and SABH Menkumham.


Convenience in Establishing a Business with an OSS System

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